Thursday, 23 January 2014

Waki farts - Gee Achmedton

Nothing to Gee, I respect the guy and enjoy watching him ride, I wish him all the best of luck, but this picture on the left, by Paris Gore cracked me up, I just couldn't let it go...

Arguably Yours: Wacek Kipszak

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

BIKE TEST #2 Santa Cruz Blur TRc

In December 2007 I have bought a Santa Cruz Nomad. It was a bike that embodied everything I ever desired - ultimate versatility, a true do-it all bike, a bike that I can take to any place on the planet and have fun on it. Quite honestly it did just that for those years, I was very happy with it's performance and it looked fantastic. It was a dream bike, I dreamed about since I started riding in 2001. But a lot has changed since 2007, the bike went through two complete transformations in componentry tailoring it more and more to how I used to ride. Last year I came to a point when I decided that I need a new frame. 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

WAKi-leak #3 - Trike Aero-kit

Companies like Canyon, YT or SR Suntour are now flooding the market with cheap yet quality products and the big companies are getting weary. They realized that their products may be way too expensive in comparison, and their sales may drop. People might just go for something at a half price that is just good enough to do the job. Just before the Christmas I chatted with anonymous senior engineer (I will refer to him as Mr Oslo) that used to work for one of the worlds most iconic bike brands, the "Trike Bicycles Mexico". He has given me blue prints and a spy-shot of the lost child of his life career, a truly ambitious project: Trike Aero Kit! A project that could turn the tide for the big guns!