Sunday, 30 November 2014

Test: An Artifact of the past - SHIVER SC

Manitou, Rockshox, DVO and X-Fusion have brought upside down forks back to the mainstream. Under the peer pressure of internet to own such thing I decided to buy one, it's just that all those new beauties are the most expensive forks in their respective segments, so I had to satisfy myself with something else. It is an old dream of mine from times when I started riding, 11 years old dream to be exact: 2003 Marzocchi Shiver SC 120mm. I just had two rides on it and I will tell you how USD works, is it that flexy, is it that plush? It is also a great opportunity to reflect over the fact how far did bike suspension go from 2003 to 2014. Let's go!   

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The King is dead, long live the King!

I believe the World has it's way of balancing itself. Surplus causes vomit, uniformity rebellion, deficit creates need - as simple as that. (Modern) Enduro is burning real hard these days, and it was inevitable, because this kind of riding was close to most MTBers heart, no matter the place on earth. It's been there rising, like a magma chamber under a volcano, large races were there, bikes were pretty much there, but it was the Enduro World Series that caused the eruption. It gave the worldwide phenomenon status to it, it pinned it's identity, allowing everyone to feel proud of having a bike that is no longer a smaller penis of DH racer. More and more people feel that getting 6" bike is the most reasonable choice one can make when buying a new bike. While complete DH race pyjamas from TLD made you stand out until everyone in the line to the lift looked like Sam Hill or Steve Peat, the new breed of bicycle clothing got born manifesting itself in rather solid yet colorful, unmatching kits, padding and XC helmets, DH helmets and soft padding - mix of cultures that is, fun-freaking-tasteic!