Monday, 24 February 2014

Buyers guide to Perspective

I tried to put into this picture as many issues as I can think of. These are things that must fall into place in order to achieve the elusive "optimal performance".  We are all after optimization, even if we think of getting a do-it-all bike, it has it's specifics and well we must optimize it so it can do as much as we ask it to do... rider, machine and element must match!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

WAKI - leak #4 - ButtSX dropper post

Disclaimer: That is the 18 rated content - very poor content in all possible terms - you may feel that you lost time by viewing it. Viewers discrecy is advised.  

Dropper posts are causing a lot of stir in the MTB world. There are very few things invented in recent years that have changed the way we ride bike to similar extent as remotely height-adjustable seat posts. Off course there are circumstances in which it doesn't do much good for a rider, but for most of us, it is a genuine game changer. However taking positives aside it seems to be a bit of a contraption that doesn't work as well as many could wish and there is plenty of room for improvement. Servicability, cable routing and lever operation is on the top of the list of issues that people have with these things and those Michael J style versions with levers under the seat don't really utilize the full potential of such device.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Nice to get some attention :)

I started this blog to let things out of my head, to make it a show room of my bike-related creativity and stupidity. I will try to channel it through here, instead of just being around internet forums and comment boards.  But well this trolling has brought me here, and I don't know where will it lead further, but I am enjoying the process to a great extent. I use to run those Waki-leaks, where I am showing some funny drawings of supposedly top secret projects in bike industry and recentyl I kind of stopped. It happened for a reason, because I got in contact with Pinkbike and they agreed to show my work. I've drawn plenty of material but you will have to wait until it pops up on Pinkbike main page on every 26inch-th of the month :)

That grinds my gears: B-rap mentality

Two weeks ago or so I saw this "Brap - Bike - Rap" video. It wasn't anything special, two girls fooling around, doing something slightly silly but definitely enjoying themselves, thinking they have some good reason for doing it. I really could not care less, watched it and moved on. Quite honestly I've seen or heard thousands of other things that felt under the category "I just wasted 4 minutes my life". I personaly think I waste much more of my time everyday in mental masterbation and I am pretty sure others do that as well, surfing on the dumb-phone, playing video games or watching  movies on TV.  So nothing to blame the girls really...