Thursday, 27 March 2014

Frame project update

Geometry for the "production" frame is ready. Main differences from current prototype are very slightly slacker head angle, lower BB, steeper seat angle, much more tyre clearance, 650B compatibility. Short stays stay where they are, just as the reach. After testing the bike with longer 417 mm stays I decided that 405-410 for 26" is just this bit more fun. Then by adjusting head angle I need to keep the reach as it is, in order to avoid making the front end too long. We have too many tight corners here to hang around with DH wheelbase :D

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

SOFT SIDE OF MINE: la famiglia, grandi emozioni e una bicicletta

I haven't been writing for a while, not that someone complained about it (pause), but I wanted to explain myself. A lot happened lately. First and most of all I got a second child, a son: Stanislaw. For international purposes let's call him Stanley, Stan :D Not that much to say about it. Then I had plenty of work and I learned loads of new things about architectural visualizations, but that came at a price of a nervous breakdown. Fortunately I have a great and strong wife, I have strong daughter and I am taking an integrity training program with Ryan Leech. Then I had the articles for Pinkbike, and I had to squeeze in some time for redesigning my frame. All that piled up in 3 months, has woken up so many emotions, freaking hell, it's hard to believe as I write this. Anyways, I realized that I arrived somewhere. In the last three years I have been on an emotional roller coaster. I had at least two "revelations" of who I am, what is this world around, kind of existentional stuff, but it wasn't until now that I found some meaning of "one-ness". After one of latest rides it came to me that I could incantate that fine line from the movie with Will Smith "In the pursuit of happiness". That line is: "that new chapter in my life, I call happiness". I felt it, for the first time, that everything fell into place, even though three years ago I would not call such situation as living a dream.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Crank and Sprocket

Just after my first article on Pinkbike I have been contacted by two blokes passionate about starting their own bicycle service place in Cambridge UK. They asked me if I could redraw a crankset drawing I made for Sheman-Oh leak. They wanted their logo on it... I got pissed off! Show some respect to the poor artist ok?! Did anyone ask Leonardo: "Hey mate, love your stuff! Listen, I buy that Lisa´s portrait over there if you paint me moms face into it!"  

Mnah just joking :)