Thursday, 24 April 2014

Cairns World Cup - Who is going to win?

It always amazes me, why people want to know the future, what is coming. There are some relatively non-creative fantasies of what is going to come: who is going to win a race or a match. Most of us if asked about the sense of visiting an astrologist or a fairy, would use words like useless, stupid, delusion, mumbo jumbo, waste of money. Yet everytime a new race comes along, many of us "fans" predict future in the same manner, it's just that instead of horoscpes or cards they tell future from start lists, timed practice, qualifications:  Danny is going to win. In more popular sports, like football, tennis or F1, there are masculine fairies. They sit in TV studio and are called: "experts". There are also means of wasting money on future telling called "betting".

I believe that surprise is a bigger reward than "Hah - I said so!"  so just sit back and enjoy watching it unfold alright?

Arguably Yours


  1. I'm excited for the upcoming world cup but I must say that I am more excited on the world cup bet haha I hope you can give some tips? Cheers!

  2. Sorry man, I am a very strange male, I get put off by football, maybe because I am such a nutter that tries so hard to be different that I get allergic to such mass entertainment :) But well... I've been to Italy during Europan Championship finals many years ago, and seen the great vibe so I would like the winner to be a country that will really get happy from the win so... Itlians, Spanish, some team from South America or Africa. Brits, Frenchies, Dutch or Germans, they get enough of everything else, they are bored with life so they just go "yea - we fkng showed you!!!" , and next day "mneh..."