Wednesday, 27 November 2013

That rocks my boat #1 Flow and finesse captured on a video

I rarely get super stoked by a video of someone riding a bike but I find this very special.

Link to the movie on

I am guilty of supporting short travel bike argument, talking plenty of arguable bollocks how long travel numbs riding experience, is a domain of either successful racers or poor riders slowing down their improvement. Those trails look like they could be easily ridden on my trail bike but I have no doubt, that only DH bikes can move so majestically. Wonderful application of gravity fed, kinetic energy on a sine wave of flow... Those two guys ride their bikes as if they were some kind of actors, they seem so spontaneous in what they are doing: "jump, oh a stomp! I'll tyre tap that!" or "Manualin... yea, oh a big jump in 0.05sec! A normal person would crap his pants by now but I'll whip it!". They ride so effortlessly like if they were not even trying, while there is little doubt how brutal forces act on their bodies at times. It is almost annoying to see them going so fast with such ease. Hands down to the photographer, to those two guys and to the big bikes!

However not spoil it for the Enduro boys... it appears that Van Steenbergs can ride "small" bikes with finesse as well

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