Thursday, 27 March 2014

Frame project update

Geometry for the "production" frame is ready. Main differences from current prototype are very slightly slacker head angle, lower BB, steeper seat angle, much more tyre clearance, 650B compatibility. Short stays stay where they are, just as the reach. After testing the bike with longer 417 mm stays I decided that 405-410 for 26" is just this bit more fun. Then by adjusting head angle I need to keep the reach as it is, in order to avoid making the front end too long. We have too many tight corners here to hang around with DH wheelbase :D

I will be now making a 3d model of the frame and checking it out with the producer if they see any "no go". A big project ahead is drop out allowing swapping of the 650B wheel and providing chain tensioning for eventual single speed. Last time I was designing the bike the drop outs took at least 50% of the total design time. As it later appeared, they took also a big part of production cost. For the prototype I will make the drop out with 142x12 Syntace axle, and two der hangers, standard one and a "direct mount" for Shimano shadow+. Then there will be post mount brake mounts for 160mm brake, to make things lighter and simplier.

That's it for now, any comments and suggestions are super welcome!



  1. Incredible stuff your doing and I found the BB issue interesting, wouldn't it be simpler/cheaper/easier for the end user if you licensed the DMR Swap-Out system or similar? Then you'd just have to design the frame around those two placement bolts and the slot required to fit each different drop-out into the frame - my very uneducated thought...

    Looks incredible, you must be pleased!

  2. Thanks. I am currently using something like DMR Swap out but I am not pleased with it. It is not stiff and it creaks. I think I will be doing something like Mondraker has in the summum with Maxle or Syntace. I may also just make a wheelsize specific frame, I will be just changing the drop out element with tubing being cut exactly the same. Might save time money and weight.

  3. I love the numbers on your design. Sweet head angle, short stays. This will be a great bike! More so it's hardtail. I'm in love with enduro hardtails. Can't wait to see how this project goes. Keep us posted :)

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