Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Crank and Sprocket

Just after my first article on Pinkbike I have been contacted by two blokes passionate about starting their own bicycle service place in Cambridge UK. They asked me if I could redraw a crankset drawing I made for Sheman-Oh leak. They wanted their logo on it... I got pissed off! Show some respect to the poor artist ok?! Did anyone ask Leonardo: "Hey mate, love your stuff! Listen, I buy that Lisa´s portrait over there if you paint me moms face into it!"  

Mnah just joking :)

I happily drew a new crankset for them. Two months later I was delighted to see the pictures of their shop on their Facebook page. I post them here. I am particularly flattered by the fact that they took the font from the crankset and put it on the banner. I am an architect and I've already seen few buildings that are built, that I've been taking part in designing. It is always cool to see something that was on paper taking material form in the real world. I think I appreciate that more than a building, no bullshit. They also send me two shining Hope Pro II Evo hubs which was more than I could wish for as a return for the drawing I made.

I am super happy to be some part of this and I wish them all the best. They really made me a happier man!
It seems that they've put together a great place to not only give your bike some TLC but also to hang around. All interior architects know that red sofas promise success! If you live somewhere close to Anstey Way/High Street in Cambridge, please give them a hug from me!

Arguably yours
Wacek Kipszak

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