Sunday, 21 December 2014

LEARN TO WHEELIE IN 30 DAYS! Ryan Leech can teach

I wanted to let you guys know about a real great site that I am a member of since some time. The MTB trials and MTB movie star, and absolutely awesome guy Ryan Leech has launched a website called Ryan Leech Connection. I was fortunate to work with Ryan for 9 months on my private, personal integration coaching program.

There are two things that I absolutely love about Ryan Leech Connection, that is articles and practices related to mental side of MTBing (and life in general) as well as abso-fucking-lutely fantastic skills-lessons with instructional videos. So far I am practicing his 30-day wheelie challenge and 3 part nose-stoppie that will teach you to be an Euro switchback endo master. It is nothing like his instructional video from a few years back, it's the real shit! All skills are broken down into many sub skills and explained. For instance in the case of wheelie, the course teaches you first how to lift your wheel properly, then how to reach fore-aft balance zone, how to use rear brake, the snide to side balance then... other thing I am not good at yet. But yes, I can almost wheelie now, today I rode easily 30m several times, while I could barely ride 10 meters a month ago! Ryan promises to enlarge his skills section in 2015. HE personally answers your questions regarding any doubts how to do something.

For 17$ a month for membership it is a real bargain for what you get. Skills will be with you forever and each one will increase. I strongly underline, that Ryan did not offer me anything for writing this, I do this infomercial because I really admire what he is doing and wish for his unique idea to grow, for benefit of all MTBers out there!

Here's the link to his site:

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