Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Commuter ready to huck

Gothenburg,Western shore of Sweden. Weather is not always nice but I ride to work every day. Many people say it is environmentally friendly, few more say: it's healthy. Batteries from electric bikes and fumes from cars inhaled at 140BPM+ heart rate make it totaly true... NOT. But I don't give a flying fuck, for me, it is simply convenient, despite the fact that there are next to no traffic jams here. It takes me around 15 minutes to get to work by bike, 20 by a car and 30-40 by bus/tram. GOing with a car is freaking expensive, due to parking costs, going by bus equals risk of catching infections, frustration due to waiting or simply hearing what people talk about. Whatever: here's my fantastic commuter bike, a reminder of achievements of huck to flat era. Hucking is the new enduro, and this bike with child seat provides opportunity for eternal wheelies. My friend accuses me of trying to be controversial, to mock Enduro sexuals that I could eventually meet on my way to work... naaah. I have not yet found an anti-fixie sticker. I still need 800mm bars and super loud freehub body to make it into a fixie smasher.


  1. Heh, nice commuter :)
    How tough is it for you on the climbs?

  2. Hah. That is good for a chuckle. I would like to try the bike on some rough trail, but my kids would so thinking out was fun pretty quick I am sure.