Tuesday, 5 May 2015

CRANKED mountain biking magazine

There's a new MTB magazine: Cranked. I am happy I could make a small contribution to the first issue. Magazine is quite different from anything else I have seen, in a good way. Good read, good pictures, few commercials. I like.

As many have heard DirtMag in printed form is dead, it will become a website. Many people expressed their worry that quasi-roadie science infested pieces of glossy toilet paper, full of commercials will be the only things they will be able to read in the toilet. I feel a deep contempt for vast majority of MTB magazines worldwide, Dirt was really setting standards of photography, graphics and pure MTB information. So yea, it's sad, instead of watching a stunning whip of Brendog in some stunning lighting and surprising location, I will be reading a test of one out of a million identical carbon XC racing hardtails, with tubular semi slicks, illustrated by pictures of Guido in dumb tights in fetal riding stance. Then Piotr and Kamil will tell me about bike fit and circular pedal stroke. Guy Campbell will inform me why I should not put sugar in my pre-ride coffee and how dried plums help to clean the gut. A major company will inform about recall of their best selling Chamois Cream, with "stop using immediately" caution. Finaly, Hans Duckner, Professor in proctology at the University Hospital in SPA, Netherlands, will provide the illustrated guide how to effectively massage genitalia in order to deal with numb penis syndrome, urination and erection disorders, being common results of road rides longer than 2 hours. Magazine claims that road riding is worth the risks for MTBers, because it is necessary for top performance in new MTB discipline called Enduro.

Ok, enough of "99% of MTB mags" hate. It won't be that bad, Dirt used to set standards for printed material, they may redefine online MTB - Pinkbike is scarred right nao! Once, I made a comment under an article that Dirt published on their website as being the last of the "You hate this" series by Seb Kemp. The very man made a cutting reply but somehow got interested by my troll-persona, checked out my blog and contacted me via Facebook. We exchanged polite bladiblas and some time later Seb wrote to me if I would like to draw something for the first issue of the upcoming MTB magazine called CRANKED. Something to fill the void after Dirt and provide some fresh insight?

I got a copy of the magazine and it is quite different right away, I am not blown away by something particular, it's just... different - in a good way, but... different. It feels a bit rustic in touch and in content, but not in some hipster or lumber-sexual way. In a... different way. I am a bit confused, because I like it, but at the same time... it's so different. So... first issue gives you interview with Chris Porter about the very man and his views on bike technology, suspension and geometry, positive, yet intelligent article on E-bikes, Seb article on trolls (one with my drawings). Other than that, very few commercials and nice but different photos. 

If you look for something fresh and different in the world of glossy mags filled with uselessly polite and meaningless tests, plain dumb commercials, and photos of men in tight clothing, then CRANKED is worth the try.



  1. Almost 700kr for a year subscription with 4 issues, makes it roughly 170kr/mag. That's twice as much as any other quality magazine at the bookstore.

    Now that you've read it, is the price motivated?

    1. I don't know if price is motivated and if you can value it like that. I rarely buy magazines but unless it is Dirt, I always regret it afterwards. This one is ok, but you won't find any bike tests in it or advices like ones you find in Men's Health. There are also no pictures of sick action like you find in Dirt... as my friend just pointed out, yea it's a bit hipsterish. Buy one issue and see for yourself.