Saturday, 21 December 2013

Cedric Gracia tribute

I made this drawing because I was so struck with the video Cedric posted on his blog showing his innocent crash on Reunion. It is hard to describe how many shivers it has sent down my spine and how many thoughts it has triggered. There were some revelations and really dark thoughts. I think Cedric did an amazing thing by posting it (and surviving off course), thanks to that we can all get a kind of a lesson, and each of us can do something out of it for ourselves. I am short on words, it is hard to write anything... ehh... I think... forget it... another time.

So with this special Waki leak I'd just wish to say that Cedric must have been through such stuff so many times that he could qualify to be the first man to climb Mt.Everest with a bike on his back and ride down from it. There are so many Enduro events and people travelling to distant parts of the world to ride bikes, so we might as well have an Enduro Everest Challenge :D I got inspired by this Fat Bike V10. So here it is Santa Crauz V10s (snow) with climbing equip... a fuck that, make what you want from it :)

All the best Cedric!

Arguably yours WAKi - Wacek Kipszak

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