Sunday, 1 December 2013

WAKI Leak #1 Geo-djuster

During my few years of trolling on various bike-sites I've been contacted by people who share my fears of how sincere are intentions of those who drive the development of mountain bike technology. Those are industry insiders who can't bear the weight of the hype they get involved in. Despite the eventual consequences, they decided to share with me the darkest designs of the bike industry, things that were not meant to be seen, at least not now. Together we want to save people's souls, time and money - we will unveil secrets that may stop you from buying "the next big thing" by showing you that what you see might not be that big. People deserve to know the truth behind the hype, before marketing departments will use their charms to soften our brain tissue with vague claims and inspiring pictures of Pro riders shredding the new stuff.

In this installment I am sharing a leak that has been given to me by a trainee at the biggest bike company - Ginormous. In their test facility near Woodlake, CA they are hiding an innovation that might cease the wheel size wars, a bike that can be adjusted to accomodate any wheel and give you the power to change the geometry, giving you all the angles you ever dreamed about. Let me present you these classified sketches of the Geo-djuster 2679!

The project started as a mule to test various geometries but one of mad engineers decided to turn it into a real bike given all the latest mateial and manufacturing technologies. Only one prototype was made. Using a unique high modulus, aircraft grade 9k, uni directional, pre impregnated, laser cut, carbon fibre weaving, our hero engineer managed to create an uber-adjustable bike that is relatively flex free and still at competitive weight (prototpye 3,1kg w/o the shock!). All adjustments are made via smart collet expanders operated by 6mm allen key and clamps at sliders letting one tube into another. They even made an app where you type in desired geometrical numbers like angles and lenghts, and as a result you get all lengths of tubes for the setup. 
The rear wheel travel can be set between 100mm and 150mm(26") and around 130mm for 29er, while fork can be adjusted up to 160 (26") and 140(29"). You adapt frame to different wheel sizes by changing drop outs and CaneCreek Double Barrel Air shock has been chosen as it allows incredible range of rebound and compression adjustment to suit different riding styles and rider weights. My source couldn't give me any estimated production price but it could not be that bad considering that we live in times when 10 000$ doesn't surprise anyone and where aluminium hardtails costing 10$ to make are sold for 500$.The concept doesn't just stop with the frame alone, it also includes a highly adjustable upside down fork, the only fork design allowing all wheel sizes to fit.

Imagine that you could test any fab they try to shove down your throat, before you buy it! Imagine that you could have a bike that can be taken to different places and adjusted for each track, each riding style, anywhere from XC to Enduro. But that won't happen, because the evil, greedy industry, wants to serve us one thing at a time so we lust after a new toy every year.

That's all for today! In the next installment I might present you Shimanos answer to SRAMs XX1!

Whatever happens - don't believe the hype!

Arguably yours: Wacek Kipszak aka WAKi


  1. You would never again be satisfied with your bike the way it is! You'd spend more time wrenching than riding! The exception are the set and forget guys, who would be wasting their money on it all the same.
    Otherwise, if you could get the weight and flex issues under control it would be a good idea!

    1. Quite honestly I struggle with being fine with some travel setting on my travel adjustable fork, so... :D