Monday, 30 December 2013

Project Everest! - training drawing skills

I decided to make the "*CG Everest expedition" story. Making of the "Cedric Gracia tribute" pumped me up to do it. This post is about my preparations for my own way to climb that mountain. I bloody want to draw it as a comic or a kind of fake trip/race report. Let it be my New Years resolution, apart from making production prototypes of my frames and putting a few people on them for testing. 

So... as far as drawing goes if I want that trip to happen there are a few things to learn like how to do good comics, then how to draw frames well, and that includes drawing caricatures of people. I am getting quite ok in drawing mountains and bikes but I have trouble with drawing people! Especially people on bikes and people's faces. And I want to draw some certain faces... like the face of Cedric or other members of his crew. To make it harder I will need to be able to draw those faces in certain expressions. That will be a plenty of drawing - study work to do. Fortunately I have a few connections to give me a few tips how to make that happen, like my friend from studies Mariusz Gandzel (portfolio) I hope he can give me a few tips! 

The first step is to get a bit more familiar with drawing humans and humans on bikes so that they look that they are really pinning or sending it. So here is the first sheet with the study of a man on a bike :)

Here I am training drawing situations (idea for another series: "Skills tales"?)

Here is my first MTB comic I made a while ago, apparently it became quite popular:

I also need to make some fundamental training of my hand by drawing circles and straight lines, but I will save you that :) 

As a first big thing in that project I want to make a slideshow trailer that I can show to a couple of people before I piss them off, eventually get sued. The most important part is to get Cedric into it. I hope I can reach him and get his approval, otherwise I will have to do some tinkering, like changing his name to Didric Garcia Sanchez. 

So wish me luck... that is going to be a big one!

Arguably Yours: Wacek Kipszak

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