Thursday, 6 February 2014

WAKI - leak #4 - ButtSX dropper post

Disclaimer: That is the 18 rated content - very poor content in all possible terms - you may feel that you lost time by viewing it. Viewers discrecy is advised.  

Dropper posts are causing a lot of stir in the MTB world. There are very few things invented in recent years that have changed the way we ride bike to similar extent as remotely height-adjustable seat posts. Off course there are circumstances in which it doesn't do much good for a rider, but for most of us, it is a genuine game changer. However taking positives aside it seems to be a bit of a contraption that doesn't work as well as many could wish and there is plenty of room for improvement. Servicability, cable routing and lever operation is on the top of the list of issues that people have with these things and those Michael J style versions with levers under the seat don't really utilize the full potential of such device.

So yes, the battle for the perfect solution continues, designs are evolving and some companies are beginning to experiment with the new medium of operating the seat post: electronics. By using electronics the system can be made wireless and by doing it this way, the cable routing problems cease to exist. However we are still having very cluttered cockpits and Shmox decided to solve this problem as well. I got my hands on this sketch coming from my agent at Shmox Racing Shocks. They were very ashamed after their T.O.S.S dropper recieved the Troll award for the largest and most prone to damage lever that has ever been mounted on a bicycle, so they gave it a lot of consideration. You see, I always thought that Casheema coating hasn't really helped us in riding by tengibly improving the suspension performance, but it definitely helped Shmox to push their products down our... The shifter probe coming in various sizes and shapes is a hand free system. We use kegel muscles to activate the dropper. There is really little to explain... that is a truly straight forward idea, at least for men, because I am affraid that they will run into gender related issues. Even I am myself reluctant to make any assumptions here.

Congratulations Shmox! NOT!

Arguably yours Wacek Kipszak

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